I am a UI Designer with a strong affinity and curiosity for the UX world

I like to take care of all aspects of the graphical interface, usability and functionality being the prime concerns

I have 20+ years design experience

I studied at the Scuola del fumetto (School of comic books) in Milan and I have worked with with diverse brands both for agencies and in-house.

My personal projects

I am passionate about my profession and I spend my free time designing Apps (Radio interview)

Networking, events and conferences

I like speaking with people and I have met many people through my Blog

Sometime I need a break from pixels so I have created a Miniature kitchen and a Tactile book

«Designers solve problems, they don’t push pixels» - Justin Baker

I hate speaking in public but I have learned a lot during the presentation of my projects

“It takes one hour of preparation for each minute of presentation time» – Wayne Burgraff

It's possible to test public reaction and to get immediate feedback

«The most precious things in speech are the pauses» - Sir Ralph Richardson

I am very proud of my industry awards

Donnaèweb, Smau Mob App Awards, Tocca a te and AnimoWeb

I have met many interesting people at industry events

«Beautiful minds inspire others»

Never take yourself too seriously

«I take the work seriously, just not myself in it» - Henry Rollins

I like to sketch out a new interface using paper prototyping

«…it is about starting with a good understanding of people and the needs that the design is intended to meet» - Don Norman

Learning English with people

I like to meet people on platforms like Hello Talk and Fluentify