My skills šŸ‘‡


ā€¢ Listening, Thinking, Sketching.
ā€¢ Strong attention to details.
ā€¢ Ability to design and 2D animation.


ā€¢ Ability to work on critical projects.
ā€¢ Autonomy to work on multiple projects simultaneously.

20+ years design experience

UX Design

I like to have to understand users' needs and translate them into product requirements. That's why I like UX design because if I understand better the people I can design much more powerful.

UI Design

I like to create user interfaces to be aesthetically pleasing and visually appealing. It' s important the Visual design: colors, branding and UI elements.

Graphic design

I like Graphic design because is always evolving and it's nice help make a difference in peoples' lives. You can design your own party invitations, announcements, cards, t-shirts and whatever you want!


It's my first love! When you draw a a character you are a in empathy whit this character emotion and to take care of every details it's very important for the story


I have been using Flash for years and have always loved animating my designs.


So soon as I have some time I like to take the pencil in my hand